Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hiking Vs Trekking: -

People are seen to be very much confused between the words hiking and trekking. Even if the overall experience provided by them have some similarities, these two activities are very much different in practice. Let us first check the similarities between a hiking and trekking. Both these processes involve the physical activities from the participants and mainly in the form of walking. Both the hikers and trekkers need to take special care about the type of dresses that they wear during their journey. Both these activities can provide the users with a lot of refreshment along with the enjoyment of visiting new places. So, these are the basic similarities between hiking and trekking. Now let us go through the features that make the activities of a hiker different from a trekker.

Hiking is found to be done in well-made trails and on locations with excellent natural beauty. It is also considered as a way of physical exercise that can be done to maintain good physical fitness. Hiking can either be done on the day time or it can be overnight as well. On, the other hand, trekking can be considered as a long hiking with an increased level of adventure. The time taken to complete a trekking may vary from a day to even many months. Unlike the hiking which is done on areas with less risk, trekking is done mainly in areas where there are chances of accidents are higher.You Should choose best hiking boots when you decide to go for a hiking trip.

Hiking can be done by people with an average health stability. However, trekking requires a lot of hard work and hence the complete physical fitness is required for it. In most cases, hiking is planned for a single day and as a weekend activity. However, sometimes hiking can also be planned as an activity that lasts for few days. Unlike the hiking where you get signboards to make sure the way, the trekking does not have such options. It requires the participants to search for the best path to move ahead.

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